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We offer free assessments for all new students to assess your child’s swimming ability. We then recommend the correct learn to swim level for your child. Assessments run for approximately 10-15 minutes. If your child is under 4 years of age an assessment is not required as they can enrol straight into an aged based infant class.

Learn to Swim Policies and Procedures

Please view our Laurie Lawrence Swim School Polices and Procedures

Perpetual Lessons

Lessons run year round with scheduled breaks throughout for Easter & Christmas etc. A perpetual program allows swimmers to continually develop and improve their skills.


Payments are required weekly via direct debit only. Family & multiple lesson discounts apply.

Lesson Pause

Lessons may be paused for 4 weeks in a calendar year. 2 weeks written notice is required for any pauses.

No Makeup Policy

Laurie Lawrence Swim School has a strict NO MAKE UP policy. We value commitment and consistency within our program and do not believe we can offer quality lessons by offering make up lessons.

Changing Classes/Days

Instructors are not able to change students’ classes. Please see reception to discuss your options

Moving Swimmers up to the Next Level

If your child is ready to move up to the next level, the instructor will inform the Deck Supervisor. You will be contacted to discuss your options and arrange changes to your booking.

Parents Code of Conduct

Parents are asked to stay seated on pool deck at all times. For safety reasons and as a courtesy to our teaching staff, parents are asked to keep any communication with their child’s instructor brief. This enables lessons to run on time and to maintain our teaching standards. If you have any questions that require longer consultation, please see our friendly reception staff and a meeting can be organised.

Swimming Attire for Lessons

  • Parents are required to wear a T-shirt over swimwear in the Under 4 program. This will assist in developing independent gripping which is an important safety skill. Please ensure your swimwear is family friendly.
  • Younger swimmers should wear swimming nappies
  • Older swimmers should wear comfortable swim attire that allows plenty of movement in the water.
  • Goggles are not encouraged until swimmers are completely confident in the water. Swimmers should swim part of every lesson without goggles for safety purposes.


You are welcome to take photos of your child only, however it is a requirement that you gain permission from management before doing so for safety reasons. There are absolutely no photos to be taken inside the change rooms at any time.

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