Faye & Andrew Berry

Our boys, Lawson and Lakelan Berry, love their swimming lessons at LLSS! As their mother, I have fond memories of swimming at LLSS when I was younger and after my positive experiences there (many years ago!) I wanted to ensure that my boys had access to the same quality program that I was fortunate enough to be apart of.

Lawson, now 2 years 4 months old, has had 2 swimming lessons per week since he was 4 months old. We are so pleased that Lawson has the opportunity to swim regularly within a program that promotes consistency and age appropriate development of skills, whist always being underpinned by attention to safety. Over the last 2 years, we have seen Lawson’s confidence develop along with his gross motor skills, alongside a healthy respect for the water and its potential hazards. He continues to amaze us with his skills, such as floating, kicking, water entry and independence in manoeuvring through the water.

Lakelan is almost 6 months old and in just a few short weeks of his twice weekly sessions, we have seen him develop strength and confidence in the water. He is very comfortable in the pool and is responding well to the early stages of the program, such as increasing breath control and water submersion. I know that each and every lesson will see him develop new skills that will give him an excellent foundation for water safety and familiarisation.

At all times we have been so impressed with the instructors at LLSS. They are supportive, helpful, patient and knowledgeable whom we trust implicitly with the teaching of our boys. Thank you so much to all members of the LLSS team- we are so lucky to be apart of such a great swim school!

Noella Hayes

The Hayes family have been with the LLSS for 6 years now. Lachlan and Skye have gotten more confident in swimming and now they can swim, they can try different things (like canoeing and diving down into deeper water). When we first started at LLSS Lachlan did not have the confidence to swim as he was pushed into the pool at another swim school and since we have been at LLSS he has gained that confidence back.

The improvements that they are both making are excellent thanks to all of the teachers that have taught them. We as a family are proud to be taught by Laurie and his team. It is a very family originated business and we are very happy to be apart of LLSS. I would recommend LLSS to anyone.


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