Program Information

If you want the best instruction for your child and are close to a Laurie Lawrence Swim School why haven’t you visited or booked your child in?

Laurie Lawrence is unique in that he can teach babies to swim and coach Olympians. Laurie’s learn to swim and coaching programs are internationally recognised and he is the only person in the world who has been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame for infant aquatics and competitive swimming.


Laurie started teaching learn to swim in 1966 but his passion for baby swimming was ignited when he started teaching his own daughters thirty five years ago. Laurie Lawrence Swim School (LLSS) is world renowned for its quality baby teaching program as well as quality learn-to-swim and stroke development classes. Today Laurie, a natural communicator, dedicates much of his time to educating the swimming industry on quality teaching programs.


Remember in order to ensure quality teaching within the Laurie Lawrence Swim School all staff must attend regular staff in-service and teacher training days with Laurie. Teachers are regularly appraised to ensure they are teaching Laurie’s methods. At Laurie Lawrence Swim School you are guaranteed to see Laurie and his family on the pool deck.

Distinguishing Program Features

Independent Swimming

We believe children should learn to swim without the assistance of flotation devices.

Unassisted floating is vital in the learn to swim process

Children should learn the feel of their own buoyancy and be able to experience that fun floating sensation before propulsion is taught. Learning to swim without floatation devices teaches children a respect for the water.

Social Interaction

Laurie promotes the concept of group dynamics in a learning environment provided the children are grouped according to ability levels. He believes the natural competition within the group helps faster skill development. Children learn through seeing, interacting, and competing with other children in their class. For this reason Laurie will accommodate but does not recommend private lessons.

Maximum Practise Time

Having studied and worked in the Education System as a physical Education teacher Laurie believes in a teaching axiom of “Maximum Practise Time” for every child.
This is an extremely important feature of the LLSS as the more children can practice and repeat a skill the more proficient they will become. Practise and repetition is the key to improvement. LLSS is able to ensure maximum practice time for two reasons:
1) Parental involvement – by encouraging parental involvement in the lesson until the age of four children virtually get a 1 on 1 lesson meaning more practise time and faster skill acquisition.
2) Homogeneous grouping – at the LLSS children are put into classes based on their ability. This means that all children can practice the same skill at the same time thus allowing the teacher to keep their class moving allowing for more practise time.

Pool Design

All LLSS teaching pools are undercover and heated with special teaching ledges designed to enhance the aquatic learning process. These ledges allow the child to develop confidence and independence as well as develop a respect for deep and shallow water.

Swimming Programs

Babies & Preschool Classes

* Classes for 4-8 months, 8-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-2.5 years, 2.5-3 years, 3-4 years
* Curriculum specifically designed around children’s growth and development
* Main objective is to encourage independent swimming skills at their earliest possible age
* 30 minute lesson with parent
* Maximum 6 children per class

Learn to swim Classes

* 4 years and above
* Children grouped homogenously from level 1 to level 3
* Major objectives are to develop quality freestyle and backstroke skills
* 30 minute lesson without parent
* Maximum 5 children per class

Transition Classes

* 30 minute lesson
* Development of freestyle and backstroke
* Introduction of breaststroke
* Maximum 8 children per class

Turtle Squad

* 45 minute lesson
* Stroke development
* Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke
* Introduction of butterfly

Seal & Shark Squad

* Seal 1 hour lesson/ Sharks
* 1.5 hour lesson
* Stroke development
* Individual Medley – 4 strokes

Adult Programs

* (programs may vary)
* Learn to Swim
* Stroke development
* Fitness

School Swimming Programs

* Tailored to individual schools needs


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